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Hello Goodbye

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

April is the month of change and there’s a lot of it happening around Soneva Fushi at the moment. Something that you have to come to terms with very quickly in resort life is that people come and go very fast in and out of your life. Some you might see again; many you know you won’t. There’s a high turn over here and people leave in waves. This, unfortunately, means that you say goodbye to a lot of friends in a very short space of time.

Originally, I would have actually been one of these people leaving in the April wave, however, my contract is now being extended until September – final paperwork pending – and I’ll be working until some events have been completed before I train in my replacement and head home.

But, this week, I will be saying goodbye to my amazing colleague and fellow bookseller, Alice. I don’t know what I’m going to go without her. Despite having never met in person, she is, of course, the one who understood best because she’s gone through it all with me. She’s also the one with any ability to organise between us! I’m more creative chaos and she usually knows what’s going on! Alice’s replacement, (who is lovely, and we’ll introduce in the future), I hope you’re ready, haha. Alice, I’m going to miss you and I can’t wait to actually meet you – and Chrissie – when we’re back in London!

Alice, I, at least, have the rest of this week with you. But I have, and I will be saying goodbye to a lot more people this week. The next big change will probably come around June when the rest leave – we’ll be heading into the Low Season, so all the seasonal staff will be heading home to enjoy the summer.

It’s a change to be sure. However, there is an upside to this.

One: as I said, it’s not a final goodbye for everyone. I look forward to meeting people again. One of the massive perks about working in a resort, like this, is you get to meet people from around the world and get yourself contacts in so many different countries. And some of these friendships can be very deep, no way you won’t be flying out to see each other again!

Two: with the absence of people comes the arrival of people! New contacts! New potential friends. A lot of people are leaving which means a lot of people will be starting to trickle in. They won’t arrive as quickly as they left but bit by bit, the numbers will be made up and I look forward to meeting them. First on the list is our new Marine Biologist, arriving in a few weeks.

So, hello and goodbye, such is the life of those in resorts.

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