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Into The Blue

Life in the Maldives is quiet at the moment! Half term is here and I’m spending most of my time working as a tutor, but the island overall is very calm and relaxed – despite being near max capacity.

None of that Christmas crazy to be found this time. It’s been a great time to lounge with friends during the afternoons and get in some swimming to see what can be seen. Which is mainly fish.

Lots and lots and lots of fish.

One of my favourite parts of swimming out in the ocean is reaching the edge of the reef where it drops down into deep endless blue. But first, you have to get over the coral reef – which is a challenge because you don’t want to damage the coral by touching it too much despite the tide hurling you into it anyway.

And you’re surrounded by hundreds of fish – who are too used to humans getting in the way to care. Thankfully, I have yet to come across any of the cranky Trigger Fish – we’ve had a few guests run into them over the last week or so.

Fun fact, when avoiding nesting Tigger Fish, don’t swim high and over to avoid, swim wide and around, because their territories go up, not out. But they hang out around the Bar(a)bara area and I swim around the cinema jetty up to the secret hammocks where the host beach is located, on the other side of the island.

Last time I went, the surf was rough enough that finding your balance over the coral was a little challenging, but it made getting back to shore very easy! Just needed to find the right spot and float – the tide did the rest, easiest swimming ever! Swimming the other way, out towards the open ocean, is great. Just moseying around the edge of the reef, looking at the fish getting on with their day to day lives – like watching one little guy being super possessive over a sea anemone or finding a giant clam – it’s easy entertainment. Don’t try to find the bottom once the reef drops off though, it’s a long way down.

I have yet to join Ken – our free diver – for an actual free diving class – but I am getting myself back into diving deeper like I used to. I forgot until I got here how much I like swimming in huge open areas where there are no tiled walls and vast open blue ahead.

And seeing that the only sharks we have in the area aren’t interested in the people – unless the people are reckless and annoy them – I don’t have to worry about them. This doesn’t stop my imagination always playing out Jaws. But our little sharks are much nicer and chilled out. As I said, it’s the Trigger Fish you have to watch out for!

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Jan 06, 2023

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