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It's been a Delight, Soneva

So, while this will be a little out of left field, due to a change in circumstances, I have chosen to leave Soneva Fushi much sooner than originally intended. The first plan had been to leave in April, then I agreed to extend until September, however plans have a way of changing – as they are wont to do – and I will now be leaving in June. In fact, I have already left. After 33 hours of travel, (and a newfound need to visit Singapore), I am now writing this from my hotel in the UK. And I leave Soneva with mixed feelings.

Part of me is glad to leave. I admit it. I have my issues with Soneva, but this is unsurprising. That is always how it goes, there are going to be things that irk you after a while. But they’re all bearable while you’re in the mindset that this is where you live, and this is it for the foreseeable future. But I am glad to have returned to the UK, see family and catch up with friends.


I shall also MISS Soneva! Mainly the people! So much! I have made some truly wonderful friends here and there is a comradery and family environment that can only be found and cultivated in places like this.

You are with each other all the time. Even if you aren’t spending time together, you know friends are somewhere close by. You depend on each other immensely for your psychological and emotional wellbeing in a confined environment such as this. It’s a special type of found family situation that you know can end any day as people come and go, but while it’s there, it’s super fun and extremely important.

I know a lot of these people I probably won’t see again. We’ll always try and keep in contact and I love having friends from across the world, but you don’t know when the opportunities will arise again. And even if you are able to meet again, it will just be one or two at a time. Even if I come back to Soneva in the future, it won’t be the same people.

It’s just a moment in time and this group of individuals all on the island together have made the last few months the highs and lows they have been.

I had such reservations about leaving when I was making my decision. I could have stayed on until September as planned and I didn’t feel at all ready to say goodbye to my friends here. It weighed on me, knowing I was leaving them. Knowing I wasn’t going to sit down for another dinner with them. Lounge at the bar with them. Take a Sunday at the beach or chatter in the shop during a quiet moment.

But in the end, I decided it was time to move on and look for new opportunities. To expand and evolve again. Pursue projects I can’t do while I’m here. Focus on my personal life in the grander scheme of things.

I will miss Soneva terribly for the family it gave me these last few months, but I also am so excited to return home. I have grown a lot as a person during my time here and I want to test these new skills and traits in the real world.

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