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Out to Dine

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Today’s blog is a little different. We’re talking food at Soneva! I have been very fortunate to dine out several times in the different restaurants across the resort on several occasions, enjoying the varied cuisine offered here.

Thanks to a stroke of luck, myself and a fellow host and good friend, Linda, now eat at the buffet once a week because we now host the weekly quiz sessions for guests. The buffet is, I believe, one of the most extensive and luxury eating experiences at Soneva and getting to eat there, especially with friends like Linda and other Visiting Practitioners means enjoying a night out under the stars with some good food and some goooood desserts, and is a fantastic reward after a few hours of hosting the weekly quiz!

It’s also a great chance for Linda because she is gluten free, so, she usually mainly sticks to salads and plain meats and to get a delicious gluten free pasta at the buffet is pure bliss for her. It makes for an overall extremely good evening. Hosting the quizzes is fun and also hugely competitive and energetic, so following this with a relaxed dinner is a good antidote to an intense evening following the quiz.

The second place I have eaten, just last night, is Fresh in the Garden. This is a tree house restaurant and to eat there you can either take the stairs or, and far more amusing I find, take the rope bridge. An incredibly kind guest invited a group of us out to dinner last night and it was a fantastic evening. The food was great, for my starter I had an aged parmesan ravioli in a chicken broth and, oh my goodness, I’m still drooling over it! You know when you find a dish that is just perfect for your pallet? That was one of them. Absolutely divine!

And again, that was a really fun, amusing night filled with chatter and island stories, as well as a lot of new knowledge. That is easily one of the best things about having a dinner party. Soneva is full of intelligent, vibrant people and that really bursts to the fore when everyone comes together in relaxed settings.

I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to the guest because we ended up at opposite ends of the table, but we’re hopefully doing breakfast together at some point before he leaves for Soneva Jani. Though he may be back for all we know – no one from the UK wants to return yet and instead they are cycling through the resorts that they can to avoid returning to lockdown!

Either way, that is just a couple of the dining experiences here at Soneva Fushi. Honestly, there are so many more than this. One place, called Out of The Blue, which I thought was just one restaurant, turns out to have five restaurants within it. Fresh in the Garden, where we were last night, has two or three restaurants within it too. Then there’s the main bar and Down to Earth. And of course, In Villa Dining. There’s a choice for everyone and it’s a pleasure to be able to sample all the wonderful dishes they have on offer.

Ash ~


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