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Wild oceans around.

With wild weather continuing here on Soneva Jani this week, all sorts of things have been washing up on our white sandy beaches. Which is sad to see. I come from a background as a Geography teacher and used to spend my days teaching primary school children about the environment and climate change. Little kids love learning about their world around them and have the most enthusiasm out of all of us to make a change to protect it. What may seem like a small change to an individual, if we all made that change. Then we are making a difference.

Being surrounded by the ocean, it’s hard not to be thinking about it all the time. Big waves, high tide, and all our resident schools of fish, keep it front and centre of my day. It’s what surrounds the little bookshop, my view from all windows. It’s ever-changing and forever mesmerising.

At 6:30 every morning, a crew heads out to clean up the beaches here. I have been joining them a few mornings a week, one thing I like about the island is we all chip in and help out. If someone isn’t well, we ask after them. We see each other every day, and whether we like it or not, we are like a little family. The early morning cleans are methodical and hard work, but we see the sun rise and I get to work alongside people from different teams. A strange, but lovely start to the day.

This week I’ve selected some books that teach us about the ocean, the environment and what we can do to help. Because there’s always more.

Our Marine Biologist Ellie picked our first book this week :

The Uninhabitable Earth – A story of the future.

David Wallace-Wells

Eat like a fish.

By Bren Smith

My chef friends recommend this book to me. It’s a wonderful tale about a commercial trawler fisherman and his journey towards becoming a sustainable seaweed farmer. An unlikely story I know, but he has the most wonderful way of writing. You feel like you’re sat having a pint, listening to a tale being spun by a wise old man, all whilst you're crashing around in the bottom of a boat on a wild night out at sea. He has action plans and humour, childhood memories and fierce passion. Give it a go.

Last up are two of our bookshop favourites :

Turning the tide on plastic. How humanity (and you) can make our Globe clean again. By Lucy Siegle

How to give up plastic. Simple steps to living consciously on our blue planet.

By Will McCallum (Head of Oceans, GREENPEACE UK)

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