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When learning about the working principle of an electric skateboard, you will always come across the working of the trucks in providing stability and absorbing the external forces. Many skaters are familiar with these trucks, but not many of them understand thoroughly how these things work.

Since knowing how the trucks work can help riders in determining and fixing problems of their e-skateboard more easily, today I will give you the general look on the working principle of the trucks.

Before moving any further on how the trucks work, you need to remember the components of a complete truck. Typically, a proper truck should consist of a hanger, an axle, a baseplate, the bushings, the kingpin and a pivot cup.

Here is the function of them:

Bushings: the bushings are mounted in between the base plate and the hanger of the trucks. With the function of giving the skaters the ability to control the direction of the board, the bushings are divided into 3 groups which are soft, medium and hard bushings.

Pivot cup: this part is crucial in maintaining the stability of the board despite the small size. The pivot cup is the rounded part which fits into the baseplate. Depending on the kind of e-board you are using, you should choose the compatibility pivot cups to maximize the performances.

Kingpin: the kingpin is considered as the backbone of the trucks which is the large bolt holding the hanger to the baseplate. The kingpin will be in charge of distributing the pressure on the truck evenly from the external forces and the riders’ weight. You can easily adjust the tightness of the truck by turning the kingpin bolt to the left or right.

Hopefully with all the knowledge I give above, you now are confident for the next time you need to buy or maintain your trucks in an electric skateboard. If you are looking for places to buy good trucks, I suggest you should visit eSkateBuddy to find out about all the wide ranges of trucks for your e-board.

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