Barefoot Bookseller - Soneva Jani

Prior to becoming one of the Barefoot Booksellers for 2021, Bianca was a Geography teacher in London.


Originally from Australia, she has spent the last 15 years travelling, teaching and reading all the books she could get her hands on. She enjoys reading books on far-flung locations, and then travelling to them. Particular favourites include Kyrgyzstan, Greenland and Iran. Bianca has a degree in Nutrition, though mostly survives on tea and cake. Which go perfect with a good book.



Barefoot Bookseller - Soneva Fushi

Before coming to the Maldives, Aislinn worked with HarperCollins. Prior to that, she studied for her MA in Dublin City University and worked as a bookseller for Waterstones where she specialised in General Fiction, Crime and Young Adult.


Her primary passion for literature comes from her own time spent as a writer, and writing is just one of the many things she looks forward to working on with guests during her time at the resort.