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In 2018, Ultimate Library teamed up with luxury resort, Soneva Fushi to bring the first ever pop-up bookshop to the Maldives. Three years and six Barefoot Booksellers later, there is now a second bookshop at Soneva Jani and a duo team of Barefoot Booksellers are out there for 2021.

Our search for the Barefoot Booksellers has sparked the imagination of the world over the last three years and still proved that in uncertain times, the dream of a residency among the books, sea, and sand is still universally appealing.

For the project's first year, we received hundreds of applications from all corners of the world and finally chose two lucky candidates to leave their lives behind for three months and help run our desert island bookshop. Our first Barefoot Bookseller, Hugo Wilson, started the journey in October 2018 and passed the baton on to Aimee Johnson from Penguin Random House, Ireland in January 2019. In Winter 2019, publishing, marketing and publicity expert Chrissy Ryan landed in the beach-side bookshop for a five-month stint of book-selling in paradise.


Heading into 2020 we gained two Barefoot Booksellers for the first time, Aislinn Ahivakumar and Alice Spencer dove headfirst into the joys of Maldives life despite the troubled world around them. And now, in 2021, Aislinn has been joined by Bianca Harland, a geography teacher, bringing a brand new perspective to the bookshop. 

Turning the page to 2021...

Our booksellers are the continuing Aislinn Ahivakumar who has decided to stay on for another dreamy six months at Soneva Fushi, and Bianca Harland, the newest bookseller to the shop at Soneva Jani.

The shops are open and bursting with new books and fresh ideas to entertain, inspire and enlighten. This year they are looking forward to new projects and further integrating the joys of reading into island life and culture.

Keep up to date with Bianca and Aislinn’s blog posts, Instagram page, or subscribe, to live vicariously through them and follow their amazing adventures in paradise.

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